All our pelmets are handmade to order, offering you more flexibility with design and style. There are two main types of pelmet: wood pelmet and a drape pelmet. A wood pelmet is where, as indicated, the main body of the pelmet is made of wood. This is cut into the design of your choice and covered with interlining to give an upholstered luxurious feel. Your fabric is then fitted around and lining is added to the back, making the pelmet look as neat from the front as is does the back.

The second type of pelmet is a drape pelmet which is made in a similar way, however, instead of wood; a softer, lighter material is used. This is used to give a slightly less structured and less formal look. Pelmets can be made in many styles and finishes from straight to stepped, arched to scalloped. At JS Curtains and Blinds we also have a variety of trimmings and braids to finish off your design.